A Low-Code Case Study

We created a custom internal administration app as a low-code case study to figure out how much money you can save using low-code

A Low-Code Case Study

This is a typical delivery at Aista, and serves as an example low-code case study of what you can expect using our services. This task was to implement a custom CRM system. The system needed a lot of integrations with existing systems, so a standard CRM system couldn't be used. TL;TR - The low-code case study concludes with that the client saved 94% of his development resources.

First we designed the database and generated a CRUD API. This has a standard fee of 400 EUROs, assuming the database is not too complex, and can be designed in 1 day. Then we had one dedicated full stack software developer doing the customisation process on top of the generated result. Features we needed for this system was as follows.

  • KPI charts to track key performance indicators, and the ability to create custom KPI charts dynamically
  • Email blasting capabilities to create and send newsletters
  • Tracking accounts and associating contacts with accounts, including status of account being lead, partner, client, etc
  • Associating activities with users of the system, sending a reminder email 20 minutes before the activity starts. This could be reminders such as "Call John Doe to give him our proposal", etc
  • Integrations with Stripe to see payment and subscription history on each contact
  • Integrations with pre-existing internal system to manage and control resources in external systems
  • Instant feedback to users (web sockets, server push notifications) as events relevant to authenticated users of the system occurs
  • Role and user management, allowing an admin user to create and administrate users and roles, giving access to different parts of the system according to RBAC (Role Based Access Control)
  • Etc, etc, etc

We set aside one full stack developer for the whole job, and the job took one developer 40 hours. Our standard fee for such a job is 50 EUROs per hour, so this part had a cost of 2,000 EUROs.

In addition we are hosting the system, which consists of both a frontend and a backend part, implying a monthly hosting fee of 78 EUROs. The TCO for this system ended up becoming 3,336 EUROs the first year, and 936 EUROs consecutive years. You can see me demonstrate the system below.

We asked a senior software developer with 15 years of experience how much time would he would need to implement something such as the above without low-code frameworks. His answer was 8 to 9 months. In Cyprus a senior software developer has a monthly cost of roughly 7,500 EUROs per month. Multiply 7,500 EUROs by 8 months, and this becomes 60,000 EUROs in salary costs.

Assuming you believe the senior developer was correct, this implies we delivered the system for 5.56% of the cost normally associated with delivering a software system such as the above.

The client saved 94% by using Aista

Below you can see some screenshots of the system.

KPI charts

KPI charts

Contacts management

Contacts management

Email blaster

Email blaster

User management

User management

All in all the system had some roughly 25 screens, 15 tables, with email integrations, integrations towards existing internal administration systems, etc, etc, etc.

This low-code case study concludes that the client saved 94% of his budget by using Aista and low-code

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