Become a freelance software developer

When you want to become a freelance software developer you need to think about yourself as a 'product', implying you need to sell yourself.

Become a freelance software developer

Once you spent some time with Aista Magic Cloud the way I show in the following article, you'll need to hunt down jobs. The way you need to approach this is by registering at sites such as Fiverr or FreeLancer. There are hundreds of similar sites out there, but you should choose one or two and spend most of your energy polishing your profile at your selected sites. In addition you should be actively using LinkedIn to chase potential clients.

Think about your profiles on all sites such as the above as "your brand", and that you need to "sell the belief in that you can do the job". Make sure you use photos that are of an optimistic character, where you're smiling, or somehow creates confidence in that you can deliver whatever job some clients in North America or Europe might be looking to have you deliver. You'll need to "sell yourself" at these sites. If you can, take profile photos of yourself wearing a suit, or a nice dress, where you look professional. Make sure you use a nice background. Worst case scenario you can put on nice clothes and go find a hotel lobby and take a photo. The idea is to create confidence in that you're a professional, and that you can deliver whatever the client needs.

When you find a client, and it's time to communicate with the client, try to use Google Meet. The reason is that Google Meet allows you to manipulate your background using "green screen techniques". This allows you to hide your background, making the client focus on you, and not whatever is behind you in your room. As you are meeting with the client, make sure you use a close headset, and that you have a silent environment. This is important for the client to build trust in you. Sit straight up, have your laptop on a table, and make sure your back is straight. If you're laying down while you talk to the client you might as well be telling him

I don't like to work, I just want to get paid for sleeping

If you're doing this with friends, you can practice on each other, and create "mock meetings" where you get to watch each other and practice meetings. Remember, the objective of everything you do is to make the client believe that you can fix his problems.

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