A ChatGPT and Machine Learning Platform

Our ChatGPT chatbots are super cool, and we've got features that dwarfs most others. However, AISTA is actually a complete AI and Machine Learning Platform

A ChatGPT and Machine Learning Platform

If all you want is a ChatGPT-based website chatbot that answers correctly "sometimes", you've come to the wrong place. Don't get me wrong, our chatbots dwarfs most others out there - But we're actually much more than "just another chatbot company". First of all, when we do an installation for a client, we will spend 3 to 10 hours "washing" the machine learning model, to ensure answers correctly on edge questions. This alone increases accuracy from 50/60 percent to 95%. Simply documenting what our Machine Learning Experts are doing required Aria 100+ pages of PDF litterature!

Then comes all of our customisation features, such as making the chatbot act as a sales executive, CEO, support assistance, displaying images, hyperlinks, accepting voice input, answer with speech, the ability to customise its appearance, captcha support, history, re-training, uploading PDFs, XML files, JSON and CSV files, etc, etc, etc. However, the real value is that we're a platform vendor.

What is a platform

Definition; A platform is a foundation you can add additional building blocks on top of.

What we mean with the above, is that we've got an API for instance, allowing you to create and interact with the chatbot to an extent others simply cannot match. Need an integration with WhatsApp, Telegram, your CRM or email? No problem, we've got you! Need to persist your training data and historical requests in your internal SQL Server/PostgreSQL/MySQL database for corporate policy reasons? No problem, we've got you! Need KPI charts on how many questions your chatbot receives during weekdays? No problem, it's an integrated feature with us! Have too many requests towards your chatbot, and need to scale out by applying load balancing towards 15 different servers? No problem, we've got you!

If all you want to do is to save JSON documents, you can save them to some folder on disc. However, nobody would ever claim that's a viable alternative to MongoDB or CouchBase for obvious reasons. The same comparison is true between AISTA's ChatGPT-based chatbots and most others out there. Most of our clients have actually tried alternatives before they come to us, and they all say the same thing, which is some variation of the following ...

Yeeah, we tried dozens of ChatGPT-based website chatbots, but none of them could deliver

A week later we send another happy client an invoice for 10x the amount he just paid for the "inexpensive chatbot". We are one of the more expensive ChatGPT-based chatbot vendors out there, and there's a reason for that. You simply cannot expect to pay the same for a Mercedes as you're paying for a Lada, the world doesn't work that way. Let me illustrate the difference with a screenshot for you.

Extracting data using SQL

Of course, if you've got a WordPress blog, the above feature might not be of much interest to you. However, if you're a Marketing Manager for a company with 5,000 employees, and your CEO asks you the following question, the above becomes a crucial feature.

How many people asked our chatbot about our new product last month?

To answer that question using our platform is literally a "no-brainer", and for the Marketing Manager being able to answer the above question might be the difference between "life and death". In an enterprise, the Marketing Manager can simply talk to one of his developers, the developer again can use SQL Studio and create an aggregate and group by SQL, and answer it in minutes, creating KPI and statistics, for then to expert it as CSV such that the CEO can see how his company is doing. So do me a favour when you're comparing ChatGPT-based chatbots, and ask your vendor the following question;

Can I extract historical data and create statistics and aggregated results from the chatbots questions and answers?

My guess if that your vendor's reaction will be some variation of the following; "Uhhhh...???" - For us answering the above question is just another Thursday ^_^

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