Aista – Magic Cloud – Generate a CRUD app in seconds

Aista Hub Magic

Create a full stack web app with 5 clicks

In our latest release we’ve significantly simplified things for you. You can now create a full stack web app with 5 clicks.

We just released a new version of Magic Cloud and updated all cloudlets to the newest version. One of the really cool things about this version is that you can now create a full stack web app with 5 clicks. We’ve had a lot of feedback about Magic telling us it’s too complex to use. Some of our users are “getting lost” in its dashboard. Magic Cloud is a software development platform, so it’s not possible to dumb it down completely. However, we’ve “dumbed it down” to the point where you only need 5 clicks to create a full stack web app. If you can create a cloudlet, you can create a full stack web app with 5 clicks.

Create your cloudlet

Before you can create your app, you need a Magic Cloudlet. Create a cloudlet here and choose a name for your cloudlet. Fill in the form, verify your email, and go to your cloudlet in your hub dashboard. Click the URL of your cloudlet to open your Magic Dashboard. Below is a screenshot.

Create a full stack web app with 5 clicks

At this point you’ll get to the dashboard. Your Magic Dashboard looks like this.

From here it's only 5 clicks to create a full stack web app

Then just follow the wizard at the top, and/or watch the YouTube video embedded to help you. Below is the video if you want to see me walk you through the process.

We are constantly simplifying the process. This is one of the main things we are working on in fact. When we started Aista, we were basically a low code cloud service provider. Today we’re arguably also reaching out into the no code space. This is important for us, because we believe everybody should be able to create their own software.

Being able to create software is power. The same way knowledge was power 50 years ago. Distributing that power to everybody on equal terms is important to us. This is what’s often called “citizen development”, since it democratises software development, allowing “normal citizens” to create software.

If you get stuck with Aista, we’re never more than a simple chat away. Our average response time for chat requests is less than 2 minutes. Reach out to us. In order to implement citizens software development, we need your help. In order for you to help us, we need to help you first, to understand how we can make things simpler! It’s kind of weird when we phrase it that way, but by asking us for help, you’re actually helping us …