Custom ChatGPT Website Chatbot with CONVERSATIONS

Our custom ChatGPT website chatbots can now have conversations, and remember what you were chatting about thx to the new GPT turbo API.

Custom ChatGPT Website Chatbot with CONVERSATIONS

We just released a new version of Aista Magic Cloud, and its primary feature is the ability to use the "gpt-3.5-turbo" API from OpenAI. This API gives you a custom ChatGPT website chatbot with conversation features, allowing your users to have "conversations" with your website, remembering what you were talking about, and answer accordingly. Gone are the days when your users needed to create the complete question in a single prompt. Now you can as questions such as

  • Which is the best coffee?
  • Why is it the best?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Etc ...

And the chatbot of course will stay on subject, and continue answering questions to the particular coffee it provided in the first answer. In addition, we've built in support for uploading PDF documents, allowing you to create custom AI machine learning data based upon any PDF document you might have. Currently we only support PDF documents up to some 10 to 15 pages in size - However, in future releases we will expand upon this to allow for larger documents by chopping PDF documents into multiple training snippets.

In the video below I am showing how you can have a conversation with the chatbot. The feature is not perfect yet, and sometimes misses on your training data - However, it is a significant improvement of quality, in addition to that it's also 10x as fast as the previous "text-davinci-003" model, and only 10% of the cost.

If you need help with updating your chatbot to using the new conversation feature, please reach out to us on, and we'll put you in touch with one of our machine learning experts such that you can get to leverage the newly released conversations feature. To create your own chatbot DIY style you can signup here. The conversational API allows you to discuss your own training data, asking questions referencing previous questions or answers, significantly improving the quality of the chatbot.

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