Embed a Custom ChatGPT chatbot on your website in 5 minutes

Do you want to create and embed a Custom ChatGPT chatbot on your website? With Aista it's a 5 minute job now. Zero code required!

Embed a Custom ChatGPT chatbot on your website in 5 minutes

We have significantly simplified the process of creating and embedding a custom ChatGPT chatbot on your website, to the point where it almost doesn't require any technical skills at all. Watch the following video for a demonstration.

The process is almost reduced down to 3 to 4 button clicks now, yet still providing the same level of security. And the chatbot displays images if the website you scrape has images. The process is based upon a wizard, that guides you through creating your OpenAI API key, creating a reCAPTCHA account, and scrapes and creates a custom machine learning model from a simple URL. Previously you had to mess around with several menu items, and complex constructs. Now it's a simple wizard asking you three simple questions;

  • OpenAI API key?
  • reCAPTCHA site-key and secret?
  • Website URL

Once you've provide the above, our Machine Learning components will do the rest 100% automatically for you. You can still customise your machine learning data using the machine learning component, but the above should significantly simplify things for you.

Our latest release also fixes a lot of other issues. For instance the previous version couldn't be used to "spice" up models with Amazon pages because of the way Amazon was serving content as GZipped. This version fixes that, in addition to dozens of other issues related to our chatbot technology. If you experienced problems when spicing up your model, you might want to try again.

In addition all our themes are now applying CSS settings as important. This should fix UI issues where you have global settings somehow overriding your chatbot UI. We also provide better error feedback now. If OpenAI is down, the chatbot will inform you about that. If you want to read more about our chatbot technology, you can find more information here. If you're still uncertain about how to embed your custom ChatGPT chatbot on your website, you can contact us and we'll help you out.

I want to emphasise that when our machine learning experts creates a custom chatbot, we're doing much more than what's illustrated in the above video. We'll go through your training data, "washing" it, and ask your chatbot 50 to 100 questions to sanity check it. If it answers incorrectly, we'll manually add training data specific to your business in accordance to your websites, etc, etc, etc. By using the above wizard, you can typically acquire 85% accuracy. Once we get to work, we can typically increase that number to 98% ...

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