How to get started with Low-Code

Getting started with low-code might seem like an impossible task, since your existing software developers might feel alienated. We have the solution for you.

How to get started with Low-Code

When I tell software developers that we're in the low-code space, I sometimes feel like I have presented them with a "declaration of war". Many software developers are passionately against low-code. Their feelings is that low-code will steal their jobs. They will of course try to create "intelligent" arguments, not based upon their own incentives, but rather try to explain to you how low-code cannot be used for "serious" software development.

Most software developers are of course wrong, but this presents a dilemma for you as a C level executive, since implementing low-code in your enterprise, sometimes comes with a cost that implies alienating your existing software development department, making your own people recent you due to your low-code initiatives. The question hence becomes.

How do you get started with low-code without destroying your existing foundation?

We happen to be perfectly positioned to help you with this problem, simply because we are not around your existing software developers. We're based in Cyprus, with software developers in low-cost countries, and a mature low-code framework, that allows us to become a "shadow software development department" for your low-code initiatives. This allows you to research low-code initiatives for your enterprise, without disrupting your existing software developers.

When we have implemented some 3 to 4 low-code applications for your enterprise, you can slowly start migrating your existing software development department to our low-code platform, by sending a handful of your developers to Cyprus, where we will teach them to use our low-code frameworks themselves, such that they can learn and become productive with our tools. At this point of course, the proof of low-code will be literally in the pudding, and their objections will vanish. In addition they will realise that you're actually investing in them, and that you've got no plans to replace them with low-code frameworks, but have them existing in symbiosis with low-code.

If you want to talk with us about what we can do to help you getting started with low-code, we would love to hear from you. Read more about us here, and then reach out to us and let's get going.

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