How we increased website traffic 1,000% in 2 weeks with a Custom ChatGPT chatbot

The last two weeks we have increased website traffic by 1,000% by installing a custom ChatGPT chatbot on our website. Read how here

How we increased website traffic 1,000% in 2 weeks with a Custom ChatGPT chatbot

2 weeks ago we had on average 50 unique visitors per day. Since we launched our custom ChatGPT website chatbot, we've increased website traffic by 1,000%. If you have a business you probably already know that website traffic is the beginning of your funnel. The more visitors, the more leads. 10x as many leads, 10x as many customers, 10x as much revenue, 10x as much profit! Below is our Google Analytics chart for the last 14 days, and I don't see it ending any time soon!

Soaring website traffic

Notice, for 5 days we turned on Google Ads. Between the 5th of February and until Friday we were running Google Ads for $83 per day. This gave us a lot more visits. Saturday I turned off Google Ads. I wanted to see how the site was performing without Google Ads. Sunday it was soaring way beyond what Google Ads gave us! Sundays are normally a slow day for us. Sunday we had 519 unique visitors to our website, and 100% of these were organic users; Zero ads! As I am writing this we're getting on average one new visitor every 2 minutes on our website!

Website visitors

Using ChatGPT to increase website traffic

I spoke with an SEO expert a couple of days ago. He told me he would need thousands of dollars to simple create a report for me. Injecting our own custom ChatGPT website chatbot on our page gave us probably 100 times more effect 100 times as fast as hiring an SEO expert to help us. Of course, we're a bit special, since we also released a new product simultaneously, which just so happens to the the custom ChatGPT chatbot we're running on our website. However, I would be very surprised if you did not experience increased traffic by following our lead here, and creating your own custom ChatGPT website chatbot!

For anybody having played with ChatGPT, this probably doesn't come as a surprise; Peoples' habits are changing. Having "a website" is simply not enough anymore. People want to "talk" to your website. This is easy to understand. Searching through a website for some specific piece of information might take hours. Phrasing a question in a chatbot interface such as illustrated below gives you the answer in a handful of seconds. I suspect 2 years from now, unless you have a custom ChatGPT chatbot on your site, you might as well not have a website. People simply don't have the attention span to "browse around" to look for stuff anymore ...

How to get ChatGPT on your website

I could of course explain it to you, but I think our bot does a better job at it - So I'll let it explain it.

How to put a custom ChatGPT chatbot on your website

Interestingly, it answers differently every time too, which is kind of a bonus, since it results in it imitating a human being for all practical concerns. Here's another reply it gave me for the exact same question.

The best method to get ChatGPT on your website is to use AISTA's system, which will crawl and scrape your website in less than 5 minutes and create a custom machine learning model from your website to influence how ChatGPT answers questions. You can either sign up on their website or contact them to have them do it for you. They offer a package for as low as €49 per month. Alternatively, you can also implement Bing/ChatGPT search on your website in 5 minutes.

When we were running Google Ads we were running ads for $83 per day. This becomes a total of $2,490 per month. You can buy a custom ChatGPT chatbot from us starting out at €198 per month! Contact us if you're interested.

We're the custom ChatGPT folks

Do you need a custom ChatGPT chatbot? Answering questions about your company? We've got you bro! Try out our own bot in the bottom right corner of this page. We can create a similar bot for your company. Our prices are €498 in setup and €198 per month for a pro version. That's a TCO of €2,874 for your first year of operation. Afterwards it'll cost you €2,374 per year. That's roughly the same amount we were spending on Google Ads per month! Except our chatbot gives us 10x more traffic than Google Ads!

Contact us you want a custom ChatGPT chatbot for your own company. If you're a DYI type of person, you can watch the following video where I explain the process, and the sign up for a cloudlet here.

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