LowCode CRM factory

A LowCode CRM factory is a company capable of delivering custom CRM systems, faster and less expensive than everybody else.

LowCode CRM factory

We've just partnered up with Coderfy in Kyiv/Ukraine. Some of the things we intend to create together are CRM systems. In fact, we intend to create a LowCode CRM factory together in Ukraine.

The point about B2B CRM systems is that 80% of the problems have common solutions. You've got accounts, contacts, leads, clients, etc. The rest can easily be applied on a per client basis. Since we also happen to have one of the best infrastructures for hosting such systems, it becomes a natural extension of our services. Coupled with Aista Magic Cloud of course, Coderfy can literally create such CRM systems 100 times faster than everybody else. If you want to reach out to Coderfy to hear about their CRM solutions, you can contact Coderfy here.

By setting up Coderfy as a LowCode CRM factory, we can focus on our existing business, which of course is LowCode software development automation - While Coderfy does the customisations and focuses on CRM as a domain. This allows us to hire inexpensive software developers in Ukraine, a low cost country - While leveraging the Magic of Aista, resulting in a synergy where all 3 parties benefits. Reach out to Denys the CEO of Coderfy if you want to hear more about this.

Coderfy, half the price, faster twice

Denys have decades of experience with CRM systems, and knows the domain problem extremely well. He is currently looking for clients in this space, and would love to hear from you. Contact Denys at Coderfy.

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