Super AI for mom'n'pop stores

Super AI for mom'n'pop? No problem, we've got you. In fact, we'll give you BETTER AI than what Google have access to!

Super AI for mom'n'pop stores

There is something magical about the little man, the mom'n'pop stores, those waking up 6AM in the morning, working for 16 hours straight, hiring their cousins and children, feeding their village. I would know, because 90% of all companies in Cyprus are like this.

On the other hand you've got countries such as Norway, where these types of stores barely exists, and every store is a super chain of some sort, with thousands of branches in every single city. Don't get me wrong, we'll service the super stores too, and we'll service them with amazing AI - But there is something magical about being able to talk to "the little guy" and tell him.

Of course, we can give you the best AI in the world to help you out with your business

3 years ago you'd need a trillion dollars to access amazing AI. After OpenAI released DALL-E and ChatGPT it's available to anybody with a phone and an internet connection. Need better AI than Google?: Signup at ChatGPT and you've got it!

Training text-davinci-003 costed OpenAI 29 million dollars. This is of course beyond what any mom'n'pop store can afford. A year ago installing an AI powered chatbot on a mom'n'pop stores website was unthinkable. Today thanks to OpenAI and our product, you can install better AI on your website than what Google have access to in some few minutes.

Don't get me wrong, we're in business to make money, and we'll service everybody wanting our product, including the McDonalds and the Coca Colas of the world - But there is something fundamentally good about being able to provide your mom and pop grocery store with better AI than what Google have access to. It makes me feel great about Aista and our mission in life.

Anyways, I just needed to get it off my shoulders. When you're in hyper growth like us, it's easy to be blinded by success, and I needed to say this out loud, to make sure I'm still grounded as we embark upon what seems to be the most interesting part of my life professionally - At least so far.

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