Support for ChatGPT 'turbo' API

We just released a massive update to our custom ChatGPT website chatbot technology. Read the details here.

Support for ChatGPT 'turbo' API

We just released a new version of Aista Magic Cloud, and some of the primary features are as follows.

  • Stabilised support for gpt-3.5-turbo API, 10x faster 10% of the price, support for “conversations”
  • Voice recognition and speech synthesis, as in you can talk to the chatbot, and have it answer using voice
  • Much better priming functionality, allowing you to for instance never leave your subject / training data. This completely eliminates “AI hallucinations”.
  • Several smaller UI fixes
  • 4 new themes for embedding the bot on your website
  • MUCH better crawling, and much better massaging of documents
  • Support for adding training data from PDF documents, in addition to XML, JSON, YAML and CSV files which we always had
  • Much better duplication checking, making the model respond with much higher quality responses, due to being able to create a larger context
  • Several bug fixes related to buggy websites are now taken care of, making it much better at crawling your site
  • Much better calculation of max tokens, avoiding overflowing maximum number of tokens at OpenAI’s API
  • The above is what we’ve been spending the last couple of weeks doing for you. If you want us to help you setup a chatbot for you, reach out to us at and I’ll put you in contact with one of our machine learning experts.

As an interesting use case, AISTA has just recently “resurrected” Alan Turing. AlanTouring.Com is using our chatbot on their site. This particular bot was configured to answer questions as if it is Alan Turing in person. If you ever wanted to have a conversation with Alan Turing, now is your chance.

Alan Turing chatbot

At AISTA obviously Alan Turing is one of our personal heroes, for a lot of reasons. So it's with awe we inform you that we delivered the custom ChatGPT website chatbot for the Alan Touring website.

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