Teaching you how to fish

Some say it's much better to teach how to fish than to give food. In AISTA we obviously agree!

Teaching you how to fish

A month ago I was contacted by a student on LinkedIn. He told me he was hungry and asked me for some few EUROs. I answered him; "I don't do charity, because it deprives the receiver of its dignity. However, tell me what you can do for me, and I'll find a job for you, and pay you for it - 3 times as much as you would ask of me to give you!" I never heard from him again. I can only conclude that he wasn't really that hungry after all. I bet these people would be willing to work for me though!

Teaching you how to fish

A couple of days ago Kiza Mauridi from Arel contacted me. He didn't start out by asking me for money. Quite the contrary, he started the conversation with asking me if I needed more people, and if I was willing to hire refugees working remotely out of Africa. I was so moved by him that I chose to have a meeting with him, where he presented his proposal, and told me about the benefits of hiring refugees. Kiza himself living in Kenya as a refugee, knew what was needed to get people back on their feet again; Dignity!

Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry another day

I watched Kiza's presentation, and as he told me what they were doing, it dawned upon me that I could bring him yet another value proposition. I could bring him a value proposition that would also become beneficial to Aista. I could teach a handful of refugees how to use Aista Magic Cloud, and its LowCode and NoCode features, to teach software development, to refugees probably never having seen a single line of code before in their entire lives. Then I could give them tips about freelancer websites such as Fiverr, for then to point them towards LinkedIn, and start "fishing for jobs".

For added bonus of course, it helps that Magic is also a perfect starting ground for learning Angular development, which there is a screaming need for the in world today - Allowing the participants to have a path forward to learn more software development, by modifying the generated result Magic produces during its CRUD generator process.

Kiza seeing the value of this immediately acted upon it, and during the next couple of days, I am holding an Aista Magic Cloud and Hyperlambda course for 9 refugees in Kenya. Kiza rallied up 9 people interested in software development, without prior software development experience, and before the end of the week, I will turn them into full stack software developers. Then I'll show them Fiverr and LinkedIn, and literally teach them to "fish for jobs".

This is business for us!

The paradox about the whole situation is that this is actually extremely lucrative for us as a company - Simply because the way I intend to teach software development, is that they can host their end product in our cloud services, while having the end customer in some first world country paying us. When the end customer pays us, we'll also do revenue sharing with the Hyperlambda developers working remotely out of Africa, giving them a monthly percentage commission, resulting in that not only are they paid for the job, but they also end up with recurring monthly revenue.

However, most important of all for me personally, is that I don't give them a single cent as charity, and hence I never deprive them of their dignity. They become an essential part of the World Wide Workforce, using (pun!) the World Wide Web as their fishing net! While Aista literally makes money in the process!

The African Hyperlambda developers is paid for the initial job of assembling the software, while we're being paid the monthly hosting fee. The African Hyperlambda developer also gets commissions from the monthly fee we are charging the end customer. The end customer gets a product he'd probably have to pay tens thousands of EUROs for, without having to pay more than a fraction of this, saving probably somewhere between 75 and 90 percent of the total cost of ownership.

You literally couldn't make this up if you tried!

Sometimes the universe gives you an Angel. Here's mine - Thank you Kiza, this was a brilliant idea!

Kiza from

Kiza Mauridi from AREL

Psst, if you're interested in helping refugees in Kiza's refugee camp, while at the same time saving 90% of your software development costs, feel free to drop me an email, or contact Kiza on LinkedIn, and let's get some Hyperlambda development going down in Africa!

Psst2, Kiza can also help you with other types of resources for your company. I'm having a job interview tomorrow with a woman who might end up becoming an article writer for Aista :)

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