Using your phone as a software development platform

Creating an app with Aista implies selecting properties using checkboxes, select dropdown lists, and high level UI components, allowing you to create software from your phone!

Using your phone as a software development platform

Creating iOS and Android apps is cool. However, using your phone to create a web app is probably something you haven't seen before. With Aista you can easily create apps from your phone, because our product is a software system that creates apps, and we'll throw in hosting for you because we're nice guys. This literally allows you to use your phone as a software development platform.

One of the advantages of automatically generating apps, is that you no longer need "fat client" complex apps to create apps. Visual Studio, VSCode, Rider IDE and PhpStorm becomes "obsolete" for these types of apps. Creating an app with Aista implies selecting properties using checkboxes, select dropdown lists, and high level UI components - Implying it's equally easy to use your phone to create your apps, as using your desktop machine.

In the video below I am demonstrating how I'm using our CRUD API generator and our CRUD datagrid generator to literally create a full stack web application entirely from my phone.

If I wanted to, I could also have designed my database from scratch, exclusively using my phone. However, to keep the video short (3 minutes), I downloaded one of the plugin databases from our internal "AppStore". The process is fairly straightforward.

  1. Sign up for Aista here
  2. Create a Magic backend cloudlet
  3. Open your cloudlet
  4. Download a plugin database, such as Chinook SQLite DB for instance
  5. Generate a CRUD API wrapping your database
  6. Generate a CRUD frontend wrapping your CRUD API
  7. Go back to hub and deploy an Angular frontend wrapping your newly generated frontend

The whole process takes 5 minutes, and produces a fully functioning and working web app for you. The app is hosted in our infrastructure, implying it is load balanced, CDN served, DDOS protected, secured, have replicated RAID10 storage for files, and everything you'd typically need weeks to configure yourself. And if you wish, you're of course welcome to use your desktop machine to create the app too ... ;)

We provide one month free for new users signing up, allowing you to play with our services before deciding if you want to purchase. After one month your cloudlets will be automatically destroyed. We'll warn you on email before we destroy your app, to make sure you're given the opportunity to upgrade. If you want to try an app created like this, you can try the sakila app here. For the record, you don't need to know anything about software development to reproduce the process. If you want to reproduce what I'm doing in the video, you can signup below.

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