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Put a ChatGPT chatbot on your website

ChatGPT Chatbots

Have Visitors "talk" to your Website

Crawl and and scrape your website, embed a small script, and have your visitors "talk" to your website in some few minutes. Our technology works with any CMS or website you have, and is based upon ChatGPT, except it never leaves your training data unless you want it to, and only says what you want it to say.

You can create support chatbots, chatbots that generate leads, Q&A types of chatbots - Or chatbots with a personality such as illustrated with AlanTouring, created for one of our happy clients, that answers all questions as if it actually is Alan Turing.

Custom ChatGPT-based Website Chatbots
ChatGPT based website chatbot

Embed ChatGPT on your Website

And use it as a Q&A widget

In addition to scraping your website for training data, our technology allows you to upload PDF documents, XML files, JSON files, YAML files, and CSV files to provide it with training data. Once you've vectorised your training data, the chatbot is able to answer any question using your training data as its source.

With our unique technology, you will get the best ChatGPT based chatbot for your website that money can buy, only answering questions related to your training data if you wish, completely eliminating "AI Hallucinations", while allowing for having conversations with your website visitors. Use cases might be; Customer support, lead generation, custom AI based expert systems, legal help, medical help, etc. Try out our support chatbot in the bottom right corner of this page.

The process requires almost no technical knowledge; Scrape your website, optionally add training data by uploading documents, and embed a simple script on your existing website - And you've got a custom ChatGPT website chatbot in some 5 minutes. If you need help to further strengthen your bot, we're always there to help you.

Machine Learning Features

Bending ChatGPT to Your Will

Our website chatbots are built with Magic Cloud. This gives you a whole range of features other chatbots simply cannot match, such as the ability to edit and manage your training data, logging requests, caching requests, configuration options allowing you to modify it according to your needs, KPI charts showing successful requests, etc.

There are hundreds of "me too" ChatGPT based chatbots out there, we're not one of them. We have decades of experience working with AI and Machine Learning others simply cannot match. In addition we've got Machine Learning Experts on standby, ready to help you setup everything, to ensure you get the exact result you want.

Embedding your ChatGPT website chatbot on your website
Themes and skins for your website chatbot

Theme your Chatbot

Make it look Exactly as you Wish

Our chatbots comes with a whole range of different themes, allowing you to make it look exactly like you wish. If one of the pre-defined themes doesn't meet your requirements, we also have designers that can make it look like your existing website.

In addition we can make your chatbot answer in the style of Shakespeare, Pirates, an SEO Marketing expert, Albert Einstein, etc. The customisation options we provide out of the box, allows you to create exactly the chatbot you want. Need a chatbot with a Unicorn theme, answering as if it's a 5 year old child? No problem, we've got you!

Voice, Speech and Images

Speech recognition, speech synthesis, and images

We also deliver chatbots accepting voice as input, and responds with speech. This allows you to talk to your chatbot using your voice, and have it speak back to you its answer. Not only do we offer voice and speech, but we offer it in 65 different languages; English, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, "whatever". In addition we can deliver chatbots that displays images from your website.

We could list features all day long without repeating ourselves. However, the real difference is that we give you what you want. Need a chatbot that accepts voice commands in Farsi, responding with a Hebrew voice for translation services? No problem, we've got you! Need to train a chatbot on English training data, but have it always respond in Danish? No problem, we've got you! At AISTA we have turned ChatGPT website chatbots into a perfected art form.

Use voice to ask your chatbot questions and have it respond with speech

Industries We Serve

Our Custom ChatGPT solutions can be tailored to fit a variety of industries.

Connect with your patients like never before. AISTA's Custom ChatGPT solutions can help you improve patient engagement, answer common questions, and provide personalized recommendations. Decrease costs and increase satisfaction while your profit soars to new heights.

AI for Healthcare

With our ChatGPT chatbots your customers can find what they're looking for in seconds. It doesn't take a rocket science to understand this has implications for your conversion rate. Whether you run an online store, retail chain, or E-Commerce platform, we're here to help you.

AI for E-Commerce

Whether you own a restaurant, a tour guide operator, or a hotel, you already know the value of answering customer questions. Imagine a super polite and friendly chatbot answering your guests' questions 24/7 with 100% perfect and accurate knowledge, and you've described our products.

AI for Travel and Hospitality
Real Estate

With our AI solutions for the Real Estate market your clients will always find exactly what they're looking for. Never again will a client have to leave your website because he or she found what they were looking for at your competitor's site. It may sound like a miracle. Well, miracles are our business.

AI for Real Estate

Chatbots in numbers

Still not convinced? See how chatbots can help your business grow better

Sources: VentureBeat, Cognizant, Forbes, CNBC, IBM, AccentureDigital by AI Multiple Report


Over 50% of customers expect a business to be available 24/7


69% of customers said they’d prefer chatbots for receiving instant responses


Chatbots increase sales by 67% on average


Consumer retail spending via chatbots will have reached $142 Billion by 2024


Chatbots can help companies save up to 30% of their customer support costs


57% of businesses says that chatbots delivers large ROI on minimal investment

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