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Hyperlambda, from idea to app in 5 seconds

Hyperlambda is a graph based Turing complete execution model similar to YAML. This results in a development model where your computer creates 80% of your code, while you become a million times more productive.


100% bug free code


Hyperlambda is simply a relational file format that allows you to declare tree structures. Tree structures describe what we often refer to as execution trees, and execution trees are what your CPU actually executes. One side effect of this, is that the computer can create, modify, and transform your code automatically for you, making your job 100 times easier, and your result becomes literally 100% perfectly free from bugs.

Everything is a Tree

Become 234 billion times more productive


In Hyperlambda each execution object is referred to as a lambda object, or an execution tree. Each lambda object again is basically a CDOM (Code Document Object Model) structure, that Hyperlambda creates automatically for you, that Hyperlambda can semantically understand and automatically traverse.

Hyperlambda has an extremely simple syntax. All nodes can have a name, a value, and children nodes. Below are all of its major control structures:

  • Colon, to separate names and values of nodes.
  • Three spaces, to declare the children collection of nodes.

That’s it! If you look at the sample code below, you’d probably feel the simplicity, as the machine executing it does. This simplicity results in a 234 billion times higher productivity, simply due to that the computer creates most of its code automatically, and the computer can generate 1 million lines of code per second.


An average human software developer can produce roughly 550 lines of code (LOC) per month. Hyperlambda can produce 1 million LOC per second. This results in a productivity increase of 234 billion times.
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100% perfect code

A human software developer inevitably creates bugs. Assuming the machine creates your code, and has the capacity to perfectly understand the underlying platform for creating code, results in a software development process 100% perfectly free from bugs. This is not some far fetched futuristic science fiction scenario either, it’s available now through Hyperlambda and Magic Cloud as of today!

Once the computer is done automatically generating your code base foundation, you’re free to edit the generated code as you see fit, using for instance Hyper IDE to modify the code by adding your customised logic to it.
Since Hyperlambda is a Turing-complete execution model, it allows you to do everything you can do with a traditional programming language. When our founder wrote Make C# More Dynamic with Hyperlambda for MSDN Magazine in 2017, it became the 5th most read article throughout the magazine’s existence.

Meta programming​

Hyperlambda is a meta programming language. This implies that the language can literally create its its own code. This allows you as a human software developer to focus on the fun parts, while the computer automatically generate the boring parts of your code. No need to spend endless nights searching for snippets at StackOverflow to copy into your own codebase. Instead, let the computer automatically generate its standard code, while you’re free to focus on the parts requiring creativity and thinking.

Hyperlambda automatically takes care of authentication, authorisation, CRUD, filtering, paging, and sorting, resulting in code you can modify afterwards to add your own business logic.

Hyperlambda from Hyper IDE
Hyperlambda course 101

Hyperlambda Course 101

Below is a complete Hyperlambda course. The course starts out with the hello world app, and moves through every aspect of Hyperlambda required to become proficient in the language.

The course is given as a series of YouTube videos lasting for 5+ hours, with hands on sessions and exercises.

Hyperlambda meta programing

Create a cloudlet and leverage Hyperlambda in your own projects