ChatGPT for Legal Services

Use ChatGPT as an integrated part of your Legal Service
and reduce costs by 1,000x while increasing quality by the same amount

AI and Machine Learning for the Legal Industry

Boost your Law Firm with ChatGPT

The Machine that answers questions 24/7, while convincing visitors to become paying clients

ChatGPT selling your Services

Our ChatGPT website chatbots can answer basic legal questions to website visitors, while convincing them to become clients. This gives you a 24/7 Sales Executive doing everything it can to sell your services. Expect 10x conversion rates from visitors by using our ChatGPT solutions.

Cognitive Assistance

Use our AI Expert Systems as cognitive assistance, creating summaries of contracts, explaining laws, or search for complex subjects and have our AI Expert Systems provide you with results in seconds. Think of it like a "bigger brain" if it helps, giving your higher IQ and better accuracy.

Cost savings

Documents needs to be translated. Sections of the law needs to be found. Emails with summaries of meeting notes needs to be sent. Our AI systems can do the job of 10 human beings, for a fraction of the cost, while increasing quality 1,000 times. Reduce costs by 90% and increase quality by 1,000x.

A CRUD API Backend Generator

ChatGPT for Law Firms

Twice the Profit for Half the Price

As a Legal Firm you know you always have to innovate to ensure client satisfaction. If you don't, somebody else will innovate, and take your clients. At AISTA innovation is literally our business, innovation based upon AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive Assistance to be specific.

By leveraging our products in your legal firm, you can instantly increase the collective IQ of your firm 10 times, without hiring a single human being. ChatGPT version 3.5 has 147 in IQ points. How many of your employees can say the same? Can you say the same? Hire "the smartest guy on the planet", and pay it a 3 digit salary, and watch it work 24/7 for you - Really, it's that simple!

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