ChatGPT-based Machine Learning

Create a custom Machine Learning Model in minutes
from your existing data, documents, websites or files

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ChatGPT Website Chatbots

Put ChatGPT on your website in minutes

Including your own ChatGPT based chatbot on your website takes only some few minutes with Aista and requires no coding. We scrape your website and turn it into a ChatGPT based chatbot in seconds. You can configure the chatbot to answer exactly as you please, have it provide hyperlink references for its answers, and select from a whole range of pre-defined themes to change its appearance.

The chatbot is entirely built on your training data. You can create chatbots answering questions about the law, medical information, customer support type of chatbots, or for that matter particle physics. Or maybe you've got 500 PDF documents documenting some part of your business you need to have users ask questions about? No problem, we've got you! According to research in the subject a website chatbot increases sales by 67%.

ChatGPT based website chatbot
Crawl your website for training data to create your own AI and Machine Learning model

AI Expert Systems

Become 1,000 times smarter by leveraging AI

Most people don't know this but ChatGPT can actually be trained and modified. Once trained, its accuracy can easily increase 1,000 times. Training your own machine learning model often requires weeks and months of manual labour. Aista can scrape your website and create a custom AI model for you in seconds.

The end result becomes a secured AI Expert System that only you and your colleagues can access. Use cases might be; Legal firms, medical firms, HR and Recruitment, etc. With Aista you can create a super intelligent AI Expert System providing your company with easy access to cognitive assistance, resulting in a competetive advantage.

AI Website Search

Use AI to Search your Website

AI Search allows you to phrase a question using natural language, and have the machine find pages and documents answering your question. It's kind of like Google, only a 1,000 times better and easier to use, and it only returns links to your website. Try it in the top/right corner of this page if you're curious about how it works.

AI search comes out of the box with Aista, and understands all languages on the planet, allowing users to phrase questions using their mother tongue. AI Search can be used as a stand alone product, and/or you can embed references into your chatbot showing which pages was used to generate the response. Either way, it inevitably increases customer experience and conversion by 10x.

AI based Website Search
Automated AI model generators

Website Scraping

Create an AI model by scraping your website and uploading documents

ChatGPT was created by scraping large portions of the web. This makes it an extremely good "general AI system". With Aista you can scrape your own website and train it on your material and topics, turning it from a general AI system, into a domain expert in whatever field you need an AI system for.

Need to have an AI based lawyer providing you with information about French Corporate law? No problem, scrape French corporate law websites, and ask your question in English, and watch the AI Expert system answering you in English about French law. Or maybe you need to create articles about your company in Chinese, and you don't understand Chinese? This is a 5 minute job for our AI Expert systems.

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