Aista – Magic Cloud – Generate a CRUD app in seconds


Included in the price is CDN, replicated storage, security, an infinite number of users, infinite databases or database connections, and all components in Aista Magic Cloud. We provide 80% student discount.

Magic backend cloudlet

This is our backend cloudlet product, and comes with more than enough memory, CPU, and storage for most users. Your backend is administered through a CDN deployed frontend dashboard, giving you access to everything in Magic Cloud. You get one month trial before you have to buy.

€198 per month

Installation / setup

If you need help getting started, this is a service we charge €498 for. This includes help getting started with Magic in addition to help with setting up your own custom machine learning model, and getting started with AI. If you can do everything yourself, without our help, you only need to pay the subscription.

€498 one time fee

Enterprise Solution​

Our enterprise solution is for those who are looking for custom solutions to be configured and implemented by an expert team. With this package you get everything you would get in the other packages, like Magic backend, Angular frontend, CDN, custom design, development and much more.

Starting from €498 per month 

What you get