Create a Web API with SQL

With Magic you can create a Low-Code Web API with SQL. Supply Magic with your SQL, choose authorisation, add arguments, and magically transform your SQL into a Web API endpoint.

From SQL to web API in zero seconds

Your Low-Code SQL Magician

The SQL Web API generator allows you to configure your API endpoint, add authorisation, and declare arguments your endpoint accepts. Then you can supply it with some SQL, click "Generate", and you've got an HTTP endpoint wrapping your SQL. Magic supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite.

That beautiful feeling of freedom

Create an API from your phone

A lot of Web API endpoints are simply wrappers around SQL. At Aista we understood this, and created SQL Studio that you can run from your phone. Then we combined SQL Studio with our CRUD API generator, resulting in that you can literally create a Web API with nothing but SQL, using your phone, while traveling the world if you wish.

The SQL API generator allows you to create any amount of complex joins, reports, read, update, delete, or create endpoints, using any SQL or HTTP verb you wish - Without even having access to your computer. Needless to say, but the freedom this gives you is really unmatched by anything out there.

Create an API with SQL from your phone

The Web API that creates itself

How it works

Aista Magic Cloud - Configuring your CRUD API

The SQL API generator wraps your SQL into a dynamically created Hyperlambda endpoint, allowing you to parametrise your endpoints as you see fit, and use any HTTP verb you wish. This results in a simple to understand Hyperlambda file you can easily edit with Hyper IDE if you need to modify it later. All in all this results in a software development platform that magically creates your software out of thin air.

Combine the above with SQL Studio in Magic, allowing you to test your SQL in "immediate mode" to instantly see the result of your SQL - And you've got a recipe for creating Web APIs that's completely unique, making you 1,000 times more productive and agile. We asked ourselves the following question; "Why should human software developers create the code your computer can create better?" And we really couldn't find any answer.

By combining the SQL API generator with our unique CRUD API generator you can Magically create your entire Web API effortless while having our low-code tools do the job for you automatically.