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With Magic you can create a Low-Code Web API with only SQL. Supply Magic with your SQL, choose authorisation, add arguments, and magically transform your SQL into a Web API endpoint.

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SQL Magician
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Your Low-Code SQL Magician

The SQL Web API generator allows you to configure your API endpoint, add authorisation, and declare which arguments your endpoint accepts. Then you can supply it with some SQL, click “Generate”, and you've got an HTTP endpoint wrapping your SQL. Magic supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite.

The integrated SQL editor gives you syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and allows you to test your SQL in immediate mode to see the result. When you've created your SQL API, you can test immediately to verify it's working.

Syntax Highlighting, Autocomplete, and everything you need

Integrated SQL Editor

A lot of Web API endpoints are simple wrappers around SQL. At Aista we understood this, and created SQL Studio that you can run from everywhere. Then we combined SQL Studio with our Low-Code CRUD API generator, resulting in that you can create a Web API with nothing but SQL.

The SQL API generator allows you to create any amount of complex joins, reports, read, update, delete, or create endpoints, using any SQL or HTTP verb you wish - Without even having access to your computer. Needless to say, but the freedom this gives you is unmatched.

SQL Studio
Instant SQL web API
Where the Machine Creates the Code

Instant SQL web API

Magic creates all code required to securely return the result of your SQL back to the client. The SQL API generator takes care of authentication, authorisation, prevents SQL injection attacks, and everything you typically need days to implement yourself.

SQL Studio also gives you syntax highlighting and auto complete on your database, making it a very pleasant experience for you as a developer.

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