SSO User Administration

Magic comes with a single sign on module out of the box, allowing you to administrate users as you see fit. Starting out with Magic implies you're 50% done with your project before you've created a single line of code.

The last SSO module you'll ever need

Low-Code Authentication

Magic's integrated Low-Code SSO authentication and authorisation component allows you to easily control who has access to what in your backend. This makes your life easier such that you can focus on what makes you unique, while Magic takes care of everything else.

Single Sign On

Everything you need for user administration

Magic contains all backend logic required to have users register in your app, confirm their emails, allowing you to control their access afterwards. This makes your job easier, since Magic solves all recurring problems you have to fix as you start out a new project. User administration and registration being one of these problems.

This allows you to use Magic as your SSO (Single Sign On) source, having Magic take care of everything related to user administration. Registrations, check! Confirm emails, check! Role based access system, check! Security, check! The auth module in Magic is also extendible, allowing you to bridge it to pre-existing authentication mechanisms you might have in your organisation.

An integrated SSO authentication and authorisation component

Security in a bottle

BlowFish, hashed passwords, entropy, and me ohh my

Magic's auth component is created with every single security best practice from our industry.
BlowFish hashed passwords? Check! Individual per record based salts? Check! Allowing for extreme amounts of entropy on passwords? Check! Warnings if passwords are transmitted insecurely? Check! Ability to stop accepting JWT tokens transferred over an insecure connection? Check! Security is one of those things you should not do yourself, unless you're 100% sure of that you know what you're doing. With Magic security comes out of the box, without you having to do anything to implement it.

Don't spend time you don't have implementing things you'll probably do wrong. Spend your time on what makes you unique instead.